Clean Japanese fruit production

Japanese have made ​​in their own country of food material. 
They offer carefully the products to the customer. 

However, we have a lot imported food material that dirt of neighboring countries. 
It is a "poison", rather than the food. 

We are undermining our own health by "cheap". 
Its outcome is due to the judgment of our own.

Night man

Do you braved with bare hands to robbers? Discussion is valid in absolute? 

 Physique is large, and insane mad country. Where the Nobel Peace Prize winner has been put in prison. 

 We must have the "very strong" weapon to protect ourselves.

Safe his journey

Japanese believe the illusion that "peace of free". 

 On the one hand, Japan's neighbors are countries of madness. These people have sprinkled the poison all over the world. 

 Japanese is very ignorant that who is maintained their safety, about the fact.

Sorrow Pencil

Sorrow Pencil

Sight of half of China's nuclear warheads are directed to Japan. 

Japan is a virtual enemy for China. Of course China is a potential enemy for Japan. 

In order to avoid a war between the two countries, China's Communist Party regime will need to be destroyed.

Precincts of a shrine

Do you become friends with any person? 

 You will choose the least intelligent partner. 

 Such partner does not exist in Japan's neighbors.